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Hart Hagan interviews Jeff Gibbs
Release Date: April 16, 2023


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Filmmakers’ Responses

“Old Data” Is a Lie

by Jeff Gibbs     I wish to respond to the eco-industrialists who, in the attempt to “save the planet,” have gotten into bed with bankers, billionaires, industrialists, and their foundations, in other words, with capitalism itself. Their paradigm, their status quo of...

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What Millions Have Learned from Planet of the Humans

by Jeff Gibbs     Here are twenty takeaways critics of Planet of the Humans, also known as people freaking out because their paradigm is being shattered, want to distract us from. If instead of being distracted, we come to grips with the reality of the time we're...

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Response to Bill McKibben regarding Planet of the Humans

I admire much of Bill McKibben’s work and I appreciate the time he has taken to express his concerns. There are items in his response to “Planet of the Humans,” which I feel compelled to respond to. “Planet of the Humans” does not charge or Mr. McKibben with...

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