I am a lifelong environmentalist and agree with the stated mission of the Sierra Club to explore, enjoy and protect our great planet. The Sierra Club writes that it holds issue with my film Planet of the Humans, but does not identify which facts they question, making it difficult to address their concerns. The Sierra Club policies featured in the film are directly from Sierra Club policy statements, published by the Sierra Club.

Relatedly, we also appreciate Aspiration’s attention to the film and would like to address their specific concern that “Planet of the Humans” confuses their “fossil-fuel free” fund (the “Redwood Fund”) with their other fund that they never claimed to be “green” in its strategy (the “Flagship Fund”). They advise that that “Flagship Fund” referenced in the film credits is the fund that was closed. We do not argue this point, as the difference between these two funds and the internal organization of Aspiration are not relevant to the issues highlighted in the film.

Rather, the film focuses on the Sierra Club and who it wishes to partner with. The film calls into question whether the Sierra Club should be promoting Aspiration as green, if that is not what the organization fully represents.

In addition, SEC disclosures show that Sierra Club’s Redwood Fund itself contains companies involved in the business of biomass, internal combustion engine manufacturing, incinerators, offshore oil and gas infrastructure including AGCO Corp., Gardner Denver Holdings, Inc., Stericycle, Emco Wheaton, and Mercury Plastics (which features an oil platform on its website). Sierra Club’s Redwood Fund also contains some of the worlds largest fossil fuel burners, such as an airline and a cruise ship company.

We encourage Sierra Club members to watch Planet of the Humans and decide for themselves.

Planet of the Humans is a call to recognize that humans are hitting limits on multiple fronts, and that the green technology will not save us. This a discussion we humans must have if we are to stand any chance of saving ourselves, and a planet worth living on.

Jeff Gibbs,
Director, Planet of the Humans